Pracownie badawcze

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Bal

Pracownia Chemii Biologicznej Jonów Metali

The goal of our laboratory is to elucidate chemical principles that underlie biological mechanisms of metal ion physiology, with a particular interest in lesser understood processes of metal ion transport. (…)

Dr hab. Robert Bialik, Prof. IBB PAN

Zakład Biologii Antarktyki

The Department of Antarctic Biology is responsible for the scientific program that is undertaken at the Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station, providing expert opinions about Antarctica for numerous Ministries of the (…)

Prof. dr hab. Matthias Bochtler

Pracownia Inżynierii Genomu

Our laboratory is interested in enzymes that shape the genome and epigenome. Our work ranges from the structural biology of individual enzymes that play a role in genome engineering and (…)

Prof. dr hab. Magdalena Rakowska-Boguta

Pracownia Transkrypcji tRNA

Our laboratory is interested in the regulation of tRNA transcription by RNA polymerase III and its auxiliary factors. We aim to characterize molecular mechanisms that control RNA polymerase III biogenesis (…)

Dr hab. Beata Burzyńska, Prof. IBB PAN

Pracownia Genetycznych Podstaw Chorób Człowieka

Our laboratory focuses on the relationship between human genetics and various disease states. Project 1 – Determination of genetic biomarkers that are associated with cardiovascular disorders at the mRNA and (…)