Izabela Kern-Zdanowicz, PhD, DSc

Laboratory of Bacterial Drug Resistance

Our laboratory is interested in understanding regulation of the conjugative transfer system in IncM plasmids, one of the major plasmid families that are responsible for the dissemination of chemotherapeutic resistance (…)

Magdalena Kowalczyk, PhD, DSc

Laboratory of Lactic Acid Bacteria Biotechnology

Our laboratory is interested in biodiversity and environmental interactions in complex ecosystems with a special regard to lactic acid bacteria (LAB). It deals with studies of bacterial population diversity and (…)

Joanna Kruszewska, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Laboratory of Fungal Biology

Regulation of cellular metabolism in fungi, with a special emphasis on cell wall assembly, protein synthesis, modification, and secretion, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and the creation and regulation of pathogenic features (…)

Magdalena Krzymowska, PhD, DSc, Prof. of IBB PAS

Laboratory of Plant and Microbial Biology

Research in our laboratory investigates the interplay between plants and pathogenic microorganisms. We focus on the roles of proteinaceous effectors that are secreted by pathogens to dampen host defense responses. (…)

Róża Kucharczyk, PhD, DSc, Prof. of IBB PAS

Laboratory of Bioenergetics and Mitochondrial Disease Mechanisms

Our research focuses on mitochondrial adenosine triphosphate (ATP) synthase biogenesis, regulation, and deficiencies, including control of the expression of mitochondrially encoded subunits of ATP synthase, S. cerevisiae as a model (…)

Małgorzata Łobocka, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Laboratory of Bacteriophage Biology

The long-term goal of our studies is to elucidate unknown aspects of bacteriophage biology that underlie the wide host range of certain phages, their survival strategies among hosts in various (…)

Anna Muszewska, PhD, DSc

Laboratory of Fungal Bioinformatics

We trace genomic changes across branches of the fungal tree of life. We also study the relationship between the genome composition and the ecology of the organism. (…)

Jacek K. Nowak, PhD

Laboratory of Non-coding RNA and Genome Rearrangements

Our research seeks to understand the mechanisms that are responsible for the synthesis of developmentally regulated non-coding RNAs and their role in programmed genome rearrangements. The key question that we (…)

Jarosław Poznański, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Biological Activity

We are combining computational and experimental methods to explain biochemical, biological, and medical observations. We currently focus on proteins, including their structure, stability, function, and interactions with substrates, small-molecule ligands, (…)

Tomasz J. Sarnowski, PhD, DSc, Prof. of IBB PAS

Laboratory of Gene Expression Regulation

The Laboratory is interested in deciphering the evolutionarily conserved and diversified molecular properties of SWI/SNF chromatin remodelling complexes in various models including human, plants and shrimps. We aim to understand (…)

Anna Sikora, PhD, DSc, Prof. of IBB PAS

Laboratory of White Biotechnology

Our laboratory is interested in microbial interactions and functions in built-environment microbiomes, especially anaerobic digestion microbiomes. The long-term goal of our studies is the microbial production of biohydrogen and biomethane (…)

Agnieszka Sirko, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Laboratory of Plant Protein Homeostasis

Our laboratory focuses on the role of protein degradation in the plant response to abiotic stress. We seek to dissect the complex network that is responsible for the selectivity of (…)