Scientific Council

In cooperation with the Director of IBB PAS, the Scientific Council supervises all scientific activities of the Institute, which include educating young researchers that are just starting their scientific careers and supporting the IBB PAS scientific staff in developing their skills.

Among the primary tasks of the Scientific Council is to ensure a proper, high scientific level of conducted research in the Institute, which involves:

  • defining the Research Profile of the Institute, taking into account the trends of scientific development around the world
  • adopting research programmes, cooperation programmes with foreign scientific institutions and publishing programmes
  • evaluating and approving of reports on the Institute’s activities
  • periodically evaluating the research activity of the Institute’s scientific staff
  • conducting doctoral and habilitation dissertations within the scope of its entitlements
  • evaluating doctoral programmes
  • submitting applications for scientific awards
  • adopting resolutions on other issues lying in the Council’s competence that are detailed in the law, the Statute of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Statute of the Institute, as well as those resulting from the current law, recommendations of the Academy authorities and matters put up for discussion by the members of the Council and the Director of the Institute.

The members of the Scientific Council act in the interest of the Institute and ensure its good name.


Secretariat of the Scientific Council:

Katarzyna Jagiełło-Wilgat
Anna Płochocka-Youssef

Tel.: 22 592 2161