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Name Recruitment ends
Post-doc position 15.10.2022
Post-doc position: microbiology, CRISPRi screens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa 05.09.2022
Post-doc: epigenetics, DNA methylation, DNA demethylation, NGS, DNA sequencing 26.06.2022
Research assistant (lab manager) 10.06.2022
Intern/Student: fungi, genomes, protein evolution 25.05.2022
2 Post-doc positions: Pseudomonas syringae, HopBF1, HSP90, miRNA, siRNA, Argonaute 22.05.2022
Student: Arabidopsis thaliana, plant genotyping, qPCR 30.03.2022
Post-doc: expression regulation, seed dormancy, non-coding RNA 30.03.2022
Team members for the 47th Expedition to the Polish Antarctic Station H. Arctowski on King George Island, South Shetland 20.03.2022
Postdoctoral researcher – Zika 07.03.2022
Student: neurodegenerative diseases, metallic nanoparticles, amyloid 21.02.2022
Post-doc: protein biosynthesis, translation regulation, antibiotic biosynthesis, Myxococcus xanthus 15.02.2022
Head of the 47th Expedition to the Polish Antarctic Station H. Arctowski 14.02.2022
Postdoc: DNA damage repair and tolerance, expression regulation, mammalian cells 31.01.2022
Postdoc – computational biology, evoultion, mycology, data mining 20.01.2022
MSc. student 08.10.2021
Postdoc position 20.09.2021
Student: low complexity regions, compositionally biased regions, protein functions, programming, databases, bioinformatics 17.09.2021
Postdoctoral researcher – salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinoma, chromatin remodeling, metabolism 31.08.2021
Postdoctoral researcher (RNA polymerase III and leukodystrophy) 20.08.2021