Conference rooms

IBB PAS offers three conference rooms for debates, mini-symposia, presentations. BISTRO, located on the IBB PAS premises, serves a varied menu. The organizers may choose dishes from a daily menu or make an individual order.

Conference room ‘E’: 100-120 people
equipped with a sound system, projector, notebook, whiteboards, black-out curtains, tables and chairs
Net price per day: 1400.00 PLN

Conference room ‘A’: 60 people
equipped with a projector, notebook, boards, flipchart, black-out curtains, soft chairs with desktops
Net price per day: 900.00 PLN

Conference room ‘F’: 20 people
equipped with a projector, oval table, whiteboards, vertical blinds, wooden chairs
Net price per day: 800.00 PLN

Conference room ‘D’
two connected rooms (numbered 302, 3rd fl., bldg. D), with area of 36m2 each, equipped with chairs, tables and flipchart

Room ‘H03’
small (10m2) room without windows, equipped with Wi-Fi, tables, chairs. Aimed for individual work or small meetings or teleconferences

Contact (conference room booking)
Katarzyna Szostak
Tel.: +48 22 592 31 33

Mariola Jabłońska
Tel.: +48 22 592 21 55

Contact (meals are served by the BISTRO firm, which acts independently from the IBB PAS)
Dariusz Łagoszyn
Tel.: +48 22 592 21 55
Tel.: +48 22 592 31 56