With deep sorrow, we would like to inform you that on January 3, 2022, Prof. Marcin Filutowicz, an outstanding scientist, our colleague and friend, passed away. Prof. Filutowicz was an employee of the Institute in 1974-1980, he worked at the Department of Biochemistry of Microbes. He was the initiator and co-implementer of numerous projects in (…)

The new program of MEiN “Pearls of Science”

The subject of the program is to create conditions for the development of uniquely talented graduates of first-cycle studies or students after completing the third or fourth year of studies, by enabling them to conduct scientific research or artistic creativity under the supervision of an academic or artistic supervisor. The first call for proposals for (…)


With great sorrow, we inform you that on January 4, 2022, at the age of 89, Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Buchowicz passed away. Prof. Buchowicz was the Director of the IBB PAS in 1984-1987, a member of the IBB PAS Scientific Council, co-founder and long-term head of the Department of the Plant Biochemistry; a great (…)


With great sorrow, we inform you that on December 31, 2021, at the age of 71, Prof. dr hab. Marek Cieplak from the Institute of Physics passed away. Prof. Cieplak was not only a friend and long-term member of the IBB PAS Scientific Council, but also an outstanding scientist researching static physics, solid state physics (…)

Modernization of the Polish Antarctic Station

We continue the comprehensive reconstruction of the infrastructure of the H. Arctowski Polish Antarctic Station! This year the operation is supported by two ships, of which ATHS Lenga has already left the Station, and RV Proffesor Logachev has just set off on a 40-day voyage from Gdynia. The two ships will transport a total of (…)

EMBO grants

We are pleased to announce that Dr. hab. Agata Starosta and Dr. Michał Wandel received grants from European Molecular Biology Organization – the so-called Small EMBO Grant. Dr hab. Agata Starosta and Dr. Michał Wandel are grantees of the EMBO Installation Grant (IG), which aims to support young group leaders in setting up their first (…)

IBB PAS researchers received funds from National Science Center

The National Science Center has awarded grants for OPUS 21 and PRELUDIUM 20. The founding for OPUS was granted to Dr hab. Magdalena Kowalczyk, Dr Michał Krzysztoń, Dr hab. Justyna McIntyre, Dr hab. Anna Muszewska, Dr hab. Roman. Szczęsny (consortium, lider: Prof. Joanna Kufel, UW), Dr Igor Żukow (consortium, lider: Prof. Maciej Kozak, UAM). The (…)

Award of the Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences

We are pleased to inform that the team of Dr Anna Kotrys, Dr Lukasz Borowski, Dr Zbigniew Pietras, and Dr Maciej Szewczyk led by Dr hab. Roman Szczesny, received the Faculty II Award for a series of studies on the mechanisms regulating antisense transcripts in human mitochondria and the role of mitochondrial double-stranded RNA. Congratulations! (…)

NCN – MINIATURE 5 grants awarded

Dr Anna Detman, dr Katarzyna Tołkacz, dr Adam Kawałek were awarded a MINIATURE 5 NCN grants. Congratulations! The objective of the MINIATURA call is to finance individual research activities conducted for the purposes of preparing a future research project to be submitted under an NCN call or other domestic and international calls for proposals. (…)

Scientific Council Prizes for articles published in 2020

It is our great pleasure to announce that Institute’s Scientific Council awarded prizes for the best articles published by IBB’s scientists in 2020. In the category of experimental articles, two ex eaquo first prizes were awarded to: Marta Grech-Baran, Kamil Witek, Katarzyna Szajko, Agnieszka I Witek, Karolina Morgiewicz, Iwona Wasilewicz-Flis, Henryka Jakuczun, Waldemar Marczewski, Jonathan (…)