The library provides access to scientific literature, both journals and books, mainly online. It collects and maintains data on the publishing activity of researchers and students affiliated with the Institute and coordinates the deposition of articles in the IBB PAS Repository, as well as the submission of catalog data to the Horizon Information Portal.

Library staff also perform bibliometric analyses and provide data about publications for the Polish Scholarly Bibliography system. The library participates in an interlibrary loan service, offering access to articles available from other scientific libraries and providing such access for other institutions. The library also runs and maintains a search tool which allows to browse articles and theses authored by researchers and students of IBB PAS (an index is available here).

The library, named in honor of prof. Józef Heller, the first director of the Institute, was founded in 1954. The collection includes literature from the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, and others. The library staff support researchers in accessing research publications and in disseminating their own research results.

Our collection is open to readers from outside the Institute. Printed materials are lent out to registered readers on the basis of a paper receipt.

Phone:  +48 22 592 11 01

Working hours
Monday – Friday 9.00 – 17.00

Ground floor, building A, rooms 2-5 (office and reading room)
Level -1, building A, library storage rooms (entrance through the reading room)


Digital collection

Through national licenses, the library provides access to journals and books from the following publishers: Elsevier, Springer, Wiley, Nature, Science as well as to the bibliometric databases: Scopus, SciVal, Web of Science, InCites and JCR. Consortial subscriptions enable access to publications from Oxford, Nature Publishing Group, American Chemical Society, and to the Reaxys database. Additional individual online journals are also available.

Through the Virtual Library of Science, the IBB library has access to its digital book collection and to the EndNote Web reference management tool (through the Web of Science webpage).

The over 60,000 online items available in the library can all be accessed from any computer in the IBB internal web, also through Open VPN. The bibliometric databases require registration and initial login from IBB computers; afterwards other devices may also be used.


Printed collection

The library maintains a collection of over 70,600 printed volumes. Most archival journals are stored in a separate location, in Dziekanów Leśny. Materials that are not available online are scanned upon request. All books (6,300 volumes kept in the storage rooms at the Pawińskiego Str. location) and journals (349 separate titles, more than 64,300 volumes) are indexed in the Horizon Information Portal, where you can browse the library catalog.

The collection of over 1,400 theses (habilitation, doctoral, and masters theses) is available at the main location at Pawińskiego Str. All theses are indexed and can be browsed using the IBB Articles Browser.


IBB PAS Repository

In 2010 the Institute became the first research institution in Poland to accept an Open Access mandate. The institutional repository, IBB PAS Repository, was launched. Currently the repository hosts over 1200 records, representing articles authored by researchers and students affiliated with IBB PAS. The Institute supports the international research community in its efforts to establish universal and open access to the results of publicly funded research.

Library users have access to a wireless internet connection and to the following equipment: copier (black-and-white, A4 and A3 formats), scanner (Microtek, A4), printer (black-and-white), binding machine (both spiral and thermal), paper guillotine, and a paper shredder machine.


For IBB PAS students and researchers:

  • Please submit all new publications and conference abstracts (affiliated to IBB PAS) to: Please also make sure that they are visible on your ORCID page. Please use the following affiliation text in all ORCID records: Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • Please submit all Open Access papers to the IBB PAS Repository.
  • IBB doctoral students can print and bind their dissertation in the library after providing the dissertation file. Contact us at One copy remains in the library collection. Manuscripts that cannot be bound in the Library for technical reasons should be bound at your own expense, outside IBB PAN.
  • Please submit all Masters theses conducted in IBB PAS labs to the library, together with information on the date of the thesis defense.
  • We encourage all researchers to manage their individual author profiles on the Polish Scholarly Bibliography platform, in particular by confirming authorship of listed publications.

By disseminating information about the scientific publication activity of IBB PAS researchers and students we can all contribute to the promotion of research that is being performed in the Institute.