Undergraduates and Internships

Our staff has extensive experience in supervising undergraduates and internship students. We welcome young students who would like to perform undergraduate, engineering, M.Sc. studies or gain experience during an internship. We encourage you to get acquainted with research conducted by the individual Laboratories and Departments. If you are unsure which research topic is suitable for you, please write to us about your interests and attach a CV. We will help you in choosing a supervisor. To obtain more information, including a list of documents required to apply for a thesis or internship at IBB PAS, please contact the administration office (secretariate@ibb.waw.pl).

We also encourage a visit our “Career” section for current information regarding available job offers.


Results of the competition for the position of Master’s scholarship holder within the NCN POLONEZ BIS-3 project entitled “Cotranslational folding of proteins in the light of ribosome evolution”, financed under the agreement no. UMO-2022/47/P/NZ1/03127 dated 15-09-2023,

The winner of the competition for the position of scholarship holder funded by the NCN project No. UMO-2022/47/P/NZ1/03127 was Oktawia Korcz