PhD Students Seminars

Seminars are given by PhD Students. The Seminars are held in English in Prof. Waclaw Gajewski’s auditorium (Hall E). The Seminars are open and all are welcome to attend. We meet every other Thursday.

Duration: up to 20 minutes of presentation, and 5 minutes of discussion. Usually, two people present at a given meeting.

Traditionally, the doctoral student’s speech is announced by the supervisor.

After the end of the general discussion, all doctoral students are asked to stay in the room and continue discussions with the speakers (up to 20 minutes).


Date Time Speaker Title Supervisor(s)
05.10.2023 r. 9:30 Anna Muszewska,  PhD, DSc Organisational seminar
19.10.2023 r. 9:30


Dorota Adamska


Metagenomic analysis for the discovery of new enzymes with laccase-like activity prof. dr hab. Andrzej Dziembowski


dr Leszek Lipiński



26.10.2023 r. 9:30



Maciej Lirski

Kluczowa rola histonów łącznikowych (H1) w utrzymaniu represji heterochromatyny u Arabidopsis prof. dr hab. Andrzej Jerzmanowski

Sebastian Graczyk

Wykorzystanie szlaku mewalonowego do zwiększenia właściwości biokontrolnychTrichoderma atroviride prof. dr hab. Joanna Kruszewska
09.11.2023 r. 9:30


Marta Żurawska Development of a multiplexed protein panel using a targeted proteomics approach for the study of CDK4/6-inhibitor resistance in breast cancer prof. dr hab. Michał Dadlez


dr Dominik Domański

10:00 Małgorzata Dylewska Seminar cancelled dr hab. Agnieszka Maciejewska


dr Damian Mielecki

23.11.2023 r. 9:30


Seminar cancelled Seminar cancelled Seminar cancelled
10:00 Seminar cancelled Seminar cancelled Seminar cancelled
07.12.2023 r. 9:30


Natalia Piłka


Biosynthesis of dolichol, a superlipid of the eukaryotic cell – the role of polyprenol reductases in plants prof. dr hab. Ewa Kula-Świeżewska


dr Marta Hoffman-Sommer

10:00 Weronika Puchała High resolution HDX-MS prof. dr hab. Michał Dadlez


dr Michał Burdukiewicz



11.01.2024 r.
(exceptionally remote seminar)


Marta Wiśniewska N-terminally truncated albumin: friend or foe of copper metabolism?
Join here:
prof. dr hab. Wojciech Bal
01.02.2024 r. 9:30


Masoud Amiri Farsani Dynamics of Ion RNA interaction Prof. dr hab. Janusz Bujnicki
10:00 Magdalena Wrona BRM, a SWI/SNF ATPase controls Arabidopsis thaliana secondary seed dormancy dr hab. Szymon Świeżewski


dr Ruslan Yatusevich

15.02.2024 r. 9:30


Justyna Piotrowska


Role of LSU proteins in sulfur metabolism in Arabidopsis thaliana dr hab. Anna Wawrzyńska


dr Marcin Olszak

10:00 Tuguldur Enkhbaatar Different modes of regulation of Srs2 and Rad51, proteins involved in homologous recombination dr hab. Adrianna Skoneczna
29.02.2023 r. 9:30


Martyna Latoszek (Wiśniewska)


Laboratory of Mutagenesis and DNA Damage Tolerance dr hab. Aneta Kaniak-Golik
10:00 Fatih Ozhelvaci


Identification and Comprehensive Classification of Peptidases prof. dr hab. Piotr Zielenkiewicz


dr Kamil Steczkiewicz

14.03.2024 r.  


Alicja Mazan

(seminar cancelled)


MLK4 signalling in the communication between macrophages and breast cancer cells dr hab. Maria Magdalena Konarska


dr Anna Marusiak

9:30 Łukasz Kałuski


A convenient genetic manipulation system to target various Staphylococcus aureus strains prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Łobocka



11.04.2024 r. 9:30


Alicja Armatowska The linkage between Maf1-mediated control of tRNA transcription and mRNA translation in
dr hab. Małgorzata Cieśla



10:00 Mayra Borrero

(seminar cancelled)

prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Chacińska



25.04.2024 r.




Katarzyna Nowak


Helicase Sen1- an important factor for meiosis and progression of genome rearrangements in Paramecium tetraurelia dr hab. Roman Szczęsny


dr Jacek Nowak

09.05.2024 r. 9:30


Robert Bińkowski


Identification and validation of the nanobodies (VHH) against the pathological subunit of the SS18-SSX complex and EZH2 protein as a basis for an innovative therapy of synovial prof. dr hab. Tomasz Sarnowski



10:00 Magdalena Wilga


Altered expression and localisation of subunits of SWI/SNF chromatin remodeling complex and their clinical implications in clear cell renal cell carcinoma prof. dr hab. Tomasz Sarnowski
23.05.2024 r.

(exceptionally remote seminar)



Klaudia Kołodziejska Molecular analysis of exopher formation in Caenorhabditis elegans dr hab. Roman Szczęsny


dr Michał Turek

10:00 Marta Sipko The role of Ynl320w in regulating mitochondrial function in S. cerevisiae prof. dr hab. Róża Kucharczyk


dr Aneta Więsyk

06.06.2024 r. 9:30


Suchismita Masanta


The Fmp40 ampylase regulates mitochondrial redoxin cycle in Saccharomyces cerevisiae prof. dr hab. Róża Kucharczyk


10:00 Ramin Zadalimomen The role of Rps29 in ribosome biogenesis dr hab. Ulrike Topf
20.06.2024 r.
(exceptionally remote seminar)


Karolina Sztompka


New mechanisms regulating cis-prenyltransferases activity in plants dr hab. Liliana Surmacz
10:00 Jakub Szurmak


Identification of the role of impairment of chromatin remodeling-related machinery in metastasis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma. prof. dr hab. Tomasz Sarnowski