PhD Students Seminars

Seminars are given by PhD Students. The Seminars are held in English on-line using the ZOOM platform. The Seminars are open and all are welcome to attend. We meet every other Thursday.

Duration: up to 25 minutes of presentation, and 5 minutes of discussion. Usually, two people present at a given meeting.

Information for attendees
When joining the meeting, please turn off the microphone and camera and use your first and last name as the participant’s identifier. After the presentation, it is possible to ask questions via text communication (“chat” option) or audio communication (microphone). After the end of the general discussion, all doctoral students are asked to continue discussions with the speakers (up to 15 minutes).

Before joining the meeting, please read the Privacy Policy.

All Doctoral Seminars are held using the same Doctoral Seminars Link

Date Time Speaker Title Supervisor(s)
14-10-2021 09:30 Alicja Wysocka Two new M23 peptidoglycan hydrolases with distinct net charge Dr hab. Izabela Sabała
28-10-2021 09:30 Michał Marcinkowski Biochemical and biophysical characterization of FTO dioxygenase Prof. dr hab. Elżbieta Grzesiuk
04-11-2021 10:00 Aniruddha Das Heterotypic assembly mechanism regulates CHIP E3 ligase activity Dr hab. Wojciech Pokrzywa
25-11-2021 09:30 Anna Znój Rhizosphere microbiota of invasive and native Magnoliophyta plants in Antarctica Dr hab. Katarzyna Chwedorzewska
Dr Jakub Grzesiak
10:00 Dominik Rafalski The sequence specificity of mammalian Tet dioxygenases Prof. dr hab. Matthias Bochtler
09-12-2021 09:30 Bartosz Baranowski ProFaNA – Protein Family Neighborhood Analysis, tool for determining the function of unknown genes. Dr hab. Krzysztof Pawłowski
10:00 Aleksandra Robak Diagnosis of pleural effusions using mass spectrometry-based targeted proteomics Prof. dr hab. Michał Dadlez
Dr Dominik Domański
16-12-2021 09:30 Katarzyna Dąbrowska Mass spectrometry-based structural analysis of gp43 polymerase and gp61 primase complex from bacteriophage Prof. dr hab. Michał Dadlez
10:00 Aleksandra Woltyńska Variability of the Antarctic lichen microbiome in a trophic and a spatio-temporal gradient (King George Island, South Shetland Islands) Dr hab. Tamara Aleksandrzak-Piekarczyk
Dr Jakub Grzesiak
13-01-2022 09:30 Anna Niemiro Role of NBR1 and LSU in regulation of catalase upon sulfur starvation Prof. dr hab. Agnieszka Sirko
Dr hab. Anna Wawrzyńska
10:00 Anna Stroynowska-Czerwińska Clustered PHD domains in mixed lineage leukemia proteins are attracted by acetylation-rich active promoters and enhancers Prof. dr hab. Matthias Bochtler
27-01-2022 09:30 Agnieszka Bednarek Dissection of P1 bacteriophage holin functions reveals the biological sense of P1 lytic system complexity Prof. dr hab. Małgorzata Łobocka
10:00 Magdalena Polakowska Distinguishing the structural properties of functionally different complexes of two gene products – an HDX-MS study of S100A8 and S100A9 proteins Prof. dr hab. Michał Dadlez
Dr Aleksandra Wysłouch-Cieszyńska
24-02-2022 09:30 Weronika Puzia Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive isolates of serotype 19A before vaccination era in Poland Dr hab. Anna Skoczyńska
Dr Robert Gromadka
10:00 Hitha Gopalan Nair RNA polymerase III inhibition affects cytotoxic and tumour promoting effects of TNF Prof. dr hab. Magdalena Rakowska-Boguta Dr Damian Graczyk
10-03-2022 09:30 Małgorzata Orłowska Diversity of genome content in early diverging fungi Dr hab. Anna Muszewska
10:00 Sławomir Kasperowicz Libraries of structural isomers – molecular probes for protein-ligand interactions. Synthesis, biophysical and biochemical studies Prof. dr hab. Jarosław Poznański
07-04-2022 09:30 Kornelia Wójcik-Długoborska Quantitative assessment of sediment transport from glaciers of King George Island on the basis of selected remote sensing methods Dr hab. Robert Bialik, Prof. IBB PAS
10:00 Renata Kuberska The role of the Rad27 nuclease and ζ polymerase in maintaining the stability of the mitochondrial genome of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Dr hab. Aneta Kaniak-Golik
21-04-2022 09:30 Krystian Łazowski Ribonucleotides in bacterial chromosome: incorporation, removal, and consequences for DNA replication Prof. dr hab. Iwona Fijałkowska,
Dr inż. Karolina Makieła-Dzbeńska
10:00 Aleksandra Woltyńska Variability of the Antarctic lichen microbiome in a trophic and a spatio-temporal gradient (King George Island, South Shetland Islands) dr hab. Tamara Aleksandrzak-Piekarczyk
dr Jakub Grzesiak
12-05-2022 09:30 Ce Wang RNA metabolism in seed dormancy control Dr hab. Szymon Świeżewski, Prof. IBB PAS
10:00 Ferran Sanchez A link between seed dormancy and recombination Dr hab. Szymon Świeżewski, Prof. IBB PAS
26-05-2022 09:30 Karolina Kasztelan Identification and functional analysis of proteins involved in regulation of double-stranded RNA level in the nucleus of human cells Dr hab. Roman Szczęsny
10:00 Karolina Maciak Genetic basis of congenital hemolytic anemias Dr hab. Beata Burzyńska, Prof. IBB PAS
23-06-2022 09:30 Małgorzata Rogala Polyhydroxyalkanoates of polar region bacteria Dr hab. Magdalena Kowalczyk
Dr Jakub Grzesiak