Research conducted at the Institute is carried out in 38 research units and 5 research facility units. Each unit (Laboratory or Department) has one leader.

The facility units provide access to basic and cutting edge methodology and are involved in original research projects. The activity of our scientists is also supported by central services: growth media service, greenhouse, isotope laboratory and the Henryk Arctowski Antarctic Station. Our library supports scientists and students in accessing literature and maintains a catalog of articles and theses created at the Institute.


Laboratory of Biological Chemistry of Metal Ions
Laboratory of Molecular Basis of Biological Activity
Laboratory of Mass Spectrometry
Laboratory of Genome Engineering
Laboratory of DNA Replication and Genome Stability
Laboratory of Genetic Stability Mechanisms
Laboratory of Mutagenesis and DNA Damage Tolerance
Laboratory of DNA Segregation and Life Cycle of Proteobacteria
Laboratory of Non-coding RNA and Genome Rearrangements
Laboratory of RNA Biology
Laboratory of Transcription Mechanisms
Laboratory of tRNA Transcription
Laboratory of RNA Processing and Decay
Laboratory of Translatomics
Laboratory of Gene Expression Regulation
Laboratory of Seeds Molecular Biology
Laboratory of RNA Metabolism in Immune Responses
Laboratory of Genetic Basis of Human Diseases
Laboratory of Bioenergetics and Mitochondrial Disease Mechanisms
Laboratory of Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology
Laboratory of Lipid Biochemistry
Laboratory of Bacterial Drug Resistance
Laboratory of Bacteriophage Biology



Fluorescence Microscopy Facility
Mass Spectrometry Facility
DNA Sequencing and Synthesis Facility
Microarray Analysis Facility
Cell Culture and Protein Production Facility
Biological NMR Facility