Sterilization and Growth Media

The SGM team prepares solid and liquid microbial culture media, including Petri plates, sterilizes delivered/prepared media, solutions and solid materials and thermally inactivates biological waste. Additionally, SGM employees collect and dispose of radioactive waste and maintain the water filtration systems of IBB PAS.

Krzysztof Kokoszka (head)

Marcin Barański
Bogdan Golczyk
Helena Karczewska
Bartosz Pac
Iwona Rosa

Krzysztof Kokoszka (head),, tel.:  +48 22 592 31 34
Marcin Barański,, tel.:  +48 22 592 11 26
Bogdan Golczyk, tel.:  +48 22 592 31 34
Helena Karczewska,, tel.:  +48 22 592 11 26
Bartosz Pac,, tel.:  +48 22 592 11 26
Iwona Rosa,

Working hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Sterilization cycles
8:00 a.m. – dry heat sterilization: 121°C, 30 minutes
10:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. – steam sterilization under pressure: 121°C, 30 minutes
11:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. – steam sterilization under pressure: 121°C, 15 minutes

Ground floor, building A, rooms 26, 27
Ground floor, building C, rooms 34, 35, 37

Equipment of the Sterilization and Growth Media (SGM) Room:

  • Steam sterilizers (8 pieces, SMS, Tuttnauer), service only by authorized personnel – employees of the SGM room.
  • Water purification equipment (2 pieces, Rephile, Elix-Millipore), publically accessible, user manual supplied.
  • Laboratory scales (3 pieces).


Information for the Users

The Sterilization and Growth Media Room situated in building A is located in two rooms: 26 and 27. All orders (liquid and plate culture media) are to be placed in the notebook lying on the countertop just next to the entrance to room 26. When ordering substrates, you must either deliver your own laboratory glassware or use the one supplied by the SGM team (on appropriately labelled shelf units). The glassware must be properly labelled with your name and laboratory room number. Culture media ordered by 10:00 a.m. are ready to be collected on the same day, plates – the next day (we recommend to collect them at an on-and-go basis and drying before use). Two laboratory scales are available for individual use. Sterilization is performed in Room 27. Materials intended for steam or dry heat sterilization cycles and already sterilized materials are placed on separate, appropriately labelled shelf units.

The Sterilization and Growth Media Room situated in building C is located in rooms 34, 35 and 37. The ordering notebook is placed on the shelf unit in the corridor, together with the laboratory glassware for media preparation and materials intended for dry heat sterilization. Properly labelled (name and lab room no.) culture media and solutions for sterilization should be left on the countertop in room 35. Sterilized materials can be collected from shelf units (appropriately labeled) standing in the corridor. Biological material is utilized in room 37. Laboratory glassware containing culture media and cultures should be left on the shelf units. Small materials for sterilization/disposal (tips, plates, etc.) should be tightly sealed in transparent sterilization bags and placed in yellow containers located in the corridor.

Yellow containers for disposing of biological materials are located in the corridor of the SGM room in building C and are intended for rotational use by the scientific labs.

IBB Media Service for the convenience of scientists prepares a broad range of liquid and solid media which are listed below.

Please note that the minimal order volume is 100 ml.

Medium name Composition (per 1 liter)
BMY Peptone 20 g, Yeast Extract 10 g, Yeast Nitrogen Base 13,4 g
C Salts (50%) MgSO4x7H20 10 g, Citric Acid 100 g, NH4NaHPO4 175 g, K2HPO4 500 g
E Salts C Salts (50%) 2%, Glucose 1%)
LB broth Tryptone 10 g, Yeast Extract 5 g, Sodium Chloride 5 g
LB agar Tryptone 10 g, Yeast Extract 5 g, Sodium Chloride 5 g, Bacto agar 15 g
LB24 Tryptone 10 g, Yeast Extract 24 g, Sodium Chloride 5 g, 1 ml of 1M NaOH
LCA Tryptone 10 g, Yeast Extract 5 g, Sodium Chloride 10 g, MgSO4x7H2O 2,5 g, 0,25M CaCl2 10 ml
Mc Conkey Peptone 17 g, Proteose Peptone 3 g, Bile Salts No.3 1,5 g, Sodium Chloride 5 g, Bacto Agar 13,5 g, Neutral Red 0,03 g, Crystal Violet 0,001 g
M9 Na2HPO4 6 g, KH2PO4 3 g, NaCl 0,5 g, NH4Cl 1 g, 50% Glucose 4 ml, 1 M MgSO4 2 ml, 0,25 M CaCl2 1,6 ml
N3 Yeast Extract 10 g, Peptone 10 g, Glycerol 20 ml
Revco Yeast Extract 20 g, Peptone 20 g, Glucose 20 g, Glycerol 250 ml
SOB-1 Tryptone 20 g, Yeast Extract 5 g, Sodium Chloride 0,5 g
SOC-1 SOB, Glucose 3,6 g
SOB-2 Casein enzymatic hydrolysate 20 g, Yeast extract 5 g, MgSO4 anhydrous 2.4 g (= 20 mM), NaCl  0.5 g, KCl  0.186 g (= 2.5 mM)
SOC-2 SOB 20 mM glucose, 20 ml of 1 M stock added after SOB autoclaving
Sporulation Medium Potassium Acetate 10 g, Yeast Extract 1 g, Glucose 0,5 g
TB Yeast extract  24 g, Tryptone 12 g, KH2PO4 anhydrous 9.4 g, K2HPO4 anhydrous 2.2 g
2×TY Tryptone 16 g, Yeast Extract 10 g, Sodium Chloride 5 g
W0 YNB 6,7 g, Glucose 20 g
YNB All ingredients included in Difco Manual
YEB Beef Extract 5 g, Yeast Extract 1 g, Peptone 5 g, Sucrose 5 g, MgSO4 0,5 g
YEP Peptone 10 g, Yeast Extract 10 g, Sodium Chloride 5 g
YPD Yeast Extract 10 g, Peptone 20 g, Dextrose 20 g
YPG Yeast Extract 10 g, Peptone 10 g, Glucose 20 g

Available sets of solid media plates (minimal order volume is 500 ml of solid medium, that is 20 Petri plates)

  • C salts
  • E salts
  • LB
  • LB ampicillin (final concentration 100 µg/ml)
  • LB kanamycin (final concentration 50 µg/ml)
  • N3
  • W0
  • YPD
  • YPG

Bufffers prepared by IBB Media Service

  • 10x SDS-PAGE Running buffer z oraz bez SDS
  • 10x Towbin buffer pH between 8.1-8.5
  • 10x Tris-buffered saline (TBS) pH 7.4
  • 10x Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS ) pH 7.4
  • 50x TAE pH 8.5
  • 20x SSC pH 7.0
  • Composition of buffers

Buffers are autoclaved, so please order the 800 ml of each by entering your order in a separate notebook and delivering the bottle of 1 L volume. The SDS-PAGE containing the SDS is the exception – this buffer is NOT autoclaved, 1 liter volume may be ordered. All orders from the week will be realized on Fridays, buffers will be ready to pick up Friday afternoon.


Source of the compounds:

    • DIFCO: Yeast Extract, peptone, LB broth, LB agar, Tryptone, McConkey, M9 Salts 5x, Yeast Nitrogen Base, Dextrose.
    • CHEMPUR: Potassium Acetate, Citric Acid, Sucrose, glycerin, CaCl2.
    • SIGMA: Beef Extract, NH4NaHPO4, galactose, kanamycin (K1876)
    • POCH: glucose
    • ACROS ORGANICS: galactose
    • TZF Polfa Tarchomin: ampicilin