Doctoral School Council

In accordance with para. 5 of the Regulations of the Doctoral School, there is a Council of the Doctoral School at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the PAS.


The Doctoral School Council:

Anna Muszewska, PhD, DSc – Head of the Doctoral School
Prof. Agnieszka Sirko PhD, DSc – Deputy Director of Science, Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS
Prof. Ewa Kula-Świeżewska, PhD, DSc
Magdalena Kowalczyk, PhD, DSc
Izabela Kern-Zdanowicz, PhD, DSc
Prof. Joanna Kamińska, PhD, DSc
Maria Magdalena Konarska, PhD, DSc prof. IMol PAS (IMol PAS)
Szymon Kubala, PhD


The Doctoral School Council’s assignments:


  1. elaborating a strategy for the development of the Doctoral School;
  2. providing an opinion, in consultation with the Doctoral Students’ Council, on the draft educational programme;
  3. providing an opinion, in consultation with the Doctoral Students’ Council, on the draft of the Regulations and their amendments;
  4. delivering an opinion on the annual report on the Doctoral School’s activities prepared by the Head of dcotoral School;
  5. accepting an individual study programme on the Doctoral Student’s request;
  6. developing principles for the internal evaluation of the Doctoral School;
  7. appointing members of the Doctoral Advisory Committee and, on the basis of a proposal submitted by the Doctoral Student or the Supervisor, changing the composition of the Committee;
  8. establishing a template for the PhD Students’ annual report (on the basis of a draft submitted by the Head of Doctoral School);
  9. electing members of the Evaluation Committee’s for the mid-term evaluation of each PhD Student;
  10. developing rules for the Evaluation Committee’s
  11. developing rules for the mid-term evaluation;
  12. examining PhD student’s appeals against negative mid-term evaluation;
  13. requesting the Director to dismiss the Head of Doctoral School;
  14. examining other cases related to doctoral education and the functioning of the PhD School  submitted by members of the Scientific Council, the Director, the Head of Doctoral School or the Doctoral Students’ Council.