Research Data Management Support

IBB PAS provides support in research data management for staff and doctoral students. We offer assistance with the following issues:

– selection of data to be shared openly from a research project,

– selection of an appropriate database / repository for the data,

– determining the legal status of the data,

– decisions on data licensing,

– preparation of a research data management plan for a grant application, as well as its modification during the project and reporting on the implementation of the plan.

Please feel free to contact me:

dr Marta Hoffman-Sommer             phone 3501 (room 401, building C)



1. Helpsheet meant to support the preparation of a Data Management Plan (DMP) for a research project (document in English):


The document is structured in accordance with the scheme used by the National Science Center (NCN). Since NCN requires the DMP only in English, only an English-language version has been prepared. The document uses examples typical for research projects submitted at IBB PAS – if you have a special situation in your project (non-typical data, patient data, complicated legal situation of the data, etc.), you are welcome to contact me directly.

2. List of suggested data repositories and databases:


3. Presentation – most important aspects of research data management and a Data Management Plan (IBB, June 20, 2024):