Anna Anielska-Mazur, PhD

Fluorescence Microscopy Facility

Our facility provides researchers with equipment and expertise that are required for depicting cells and quantitative image analysis. Users are given the opportunity to perform their experiments independently or receive (…)

Michał Dadlez, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Mass Spectrometry Facility

Our facility performs biologically and medically oriented mass spectrometry analyses. Our main services include quantitative and qualitative proteomic approaches, PTM analysis, and the targeted quantification of protein panels. The metabolomic (…)

Robert Gromadka, PhD

DNA Sequencing and Synthesis Facility

Our facility provides services for DNA/RNA sequencing and oligonucleotide synthesis. Our sequencing technology portfolio includes first-generation sequencing (classic Sanger and fragment analysis), second-generation sequencing (next-generation sequencing) using Illumina instruments, and (…)

Ewa Szołajska, PhD, DSc

Cell Culture and Protein Production Facility

Our facility provides to IBB researchers and PhD students access to BSL2 laboratory space and basic equipment that are required for research that involves mammalian cell cultures and flow cytometry. (…)

Igor Zhukov, PhD

Biological NMR Facility

Our facility provides services for the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy of biomolecules (peptides, proteins, RNA, DNA). One-dimensional and multidimensional NMR experiments on 1H, 19F, 15N, 13C, and 31P nuclei (…)