IBB PAS researchers received funds from National Science Center

The National Science Center has awarded grants for OPUS 21 and PRELUDIUM 20. The founding for OPUS was granted to Dr hab. Magdalena Kowalczyk, Dr Michał Krzysztoń, Dr hab. Justyna McIntyre, Dr hab. Anna Muszewska, Dr hab. Roman. Szczęsny (consortium, lider: Prof. Joanna Kufel, UW), Dr Igor Żukow (consortium, lider: Prof. Maciej Kozak, UAM). The (…)

Award of the Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences

We are pleased to inform that the team of Dr Anna Kotrys, Dr Lukasz Borowski, Dr Zbigniew Pietras, and Dr Maciej Szewczyk led by Dr hab. Roman Szczesny, received the Faculty II Award for a series of studies on the mechanisms regulating antisense transcripts in human mitochondria and the role of mitochondrial double-stranded RNA. Congratulations! (…)

NCN – MINIATURE 5 grants awarded

Dr Anna Detman, dr Katarzyna Tołkacz, dr Adam Kawałek were awarded a MINIATURE 5 NCN grants. Congratulations! The objective of the MINIATURA call is to finance individual research activities conducted for the purposes of preparing a future research project to be submitted under an NCN call or other domestic and international calls for proposals. (…)

Institute Seminar

Prof. Thomas Meier

Imperial College London, UK

Structure of ATP synthase and its role as a new drug target against infectious diseases (…)