Magdalena Gabig-Cimińska, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Human Skin Diseases

Our laboratory investigates the molecular and cellular mechanisms of (i) the pathogenesis of human autoimmune diseases that have a genetic component, mainly immuno-mediated inflammatory skin disorders, such as psoriasis, and (…)

Damian Graczyk, PhD

Laboratory of RNA Metabolism in Immune Responses

RNA polymerase (Pol) III synthesizes several small noncoding RNAs, including transfer RNA (tRNA). We are interested in studying mechanisms of Pol III regulation during innate immune responses in both immune and (…)

Elżbieta Grzesiuk, PhD, DSc, Prof.

Laboratory of Modification and Damage of DNA and RNA

In Prokaryota, we characterize the AlkB-directed one-protein DNA repair system, especially the ability of AlkB to repair alkylating lesions, and its cooperation with other DNA repair systems. In Eukaryota, we (…)