Third Annual Meeting of the ProteoCure COST Action

The COST action ProteoCure aims at gathering European research teams and companies sharing the objective to develop new approaches and strategies to selectively manipulate protein fate for therapeutic or biotechnological purposes.
In this annual conference, our aim is to unite individuals from academia, clinical sector, and industry, covering various fields of proteostasis, extending from biological sciences, which involve protein modification and turnover to diseases and molecular chemistry. We aspire to increase collaborations and scientific exchange by having as many short talks as possible.

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Organizing and scientific committees

Scientific Committee
Gilles Lalmanach (University of Tours, FR)
Rune Matthiesen (CEDOC, PT)
Michael Clague (University of Liverpool, UK)
Carlos Galdeano Cantador (University of Barcelona, ES)
Klaudia Brix (Jacobs University Bremen, DE)
Daniel Taillandier (INRAE, FR)
Ulrike Topf (IBB PAS, PL)
Justyna McIntyre (IBB PAS, PL)
Makis Skoulakis (Biomedical Sciences Research Centre “Alexander Fleming”, GR)
Christine Blattner (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE)

Local Organizers
Ulrike Topf
Justyna McIntyre