Seminars schedule

The Institute organizes three types of seminars on a regular basis:

The IBB Seminar Series (Tuesday)

The language of this series is English. Talks are given either by invited guests or by IBB researchers. The seminars are open to everybody. They take place either on-line (ZOOM) or in person in the Prof. Wacław Gajewski Auditorium – there are no hybrid meetings. Each talk is scheduled for up to 40 minutes plus 20 minutes of discussion. The seminars are on Tuesdays, usually at 9:30 am, see schedule for details.

  • In order to participate in the on-line seminars, you must register (registration is valid for the whole season 2023/2024)

Register here

  • Participation in seminars held in person in the Prof. Wacław Gajewski Auditorium does not require registration.

For participants of on-line seminars:

When you join the meeting, please turn off your microphone and camera. During the discussion it will be possible to ask questions both by a text option (chat) and personally (microphone). Before you join the meeting, please read the GDPR (RODO) agreement.

For more information about the IBB Seminar Series and registration contact:

Date Time Name  Title Affiliation Host
09:30 Dr Miguel Montez-Mariano-Coelho Dynamic chromatin processes help plants respond to the environment Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, UK Roman Szczęsny
09:30 IBB Scientific Session and IBB DAY Program Program
17-10-2023 09:30 no seminar no seminar no seminar no seminar
09:30 Prof. Mark Banfield Engineering plant NLR immune receptors for resistance to blast disease Plant Health Programme Lead, John Innes Centre, Norwich Research Park, UK Magdalena Krzymowska
31-10-2023 09:30 no seminar no seminar no seminar no seminar
09:30 Dr Anna Marusiak Mixed-Lineage Kinases – their role in cancer progression and mechanisms of resistance to cancer therapies The International Institute of Molecular Mechanisms and Machines Polish Academy of Sciences Iwona Fijałkowska
09:30 Prof. Matthias Sipiczki Genome chimerisation and reticulate evolution:  challenges to molecular reconstruction of fungal phylogenesis and taxonomy Department of Genetics and Applied Microbiology, University of Debrecen, Hungary Adrianna Skoneczna
09:30 Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Dziembowski TBA, Career Development Series TBA Roman Szczęsny
Katarzyna Jonak
09:30 Prof. Michal Sharon Beyond Ubiquitin: The Autonomous Power of the 20S Proteasome in Protein Degradation Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Justyna McIntyre
05.12.2023 09:30 TBA TBA TBA TBA
09:30 Dr Filip Stefaniak Bioinformatics methods in the study of RNA interactions with small-molecule ligands International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw, Poland Iwona Fijałkowska
19.12.2023 09:30 TBA TBA TBA TBA

The PhD Students’ Seminars (Thursday)

In this series, the talks are given by PhD students. The seminars are held in English, in the Wacław Gajewski Auditorium (in person). Each talk takes up to 20 minutes with 5 minutes of discussion, and during one meeting there are usually two talks scheduled. The meetings are every second Thursday, they are open and everyone is welcome to join.

After the discussions, all PhD students are asked to stay and chat with the speakers (up to 20 minutes additionally).

Schedule of the PhD Students’ Seminars

Scientific Fridays (Friday)

This initiative has been put forward by young researchers with a doctoral degree: its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of experiences and to discuss research that is currently ongoing at the Institute. The meetings are closed – they are meant only for members of the IBB community. During the talks, unpublished data and ongoing projects are presented and discussed.

The meetings begin at 2:30 pm, in the Prof. Zagórski-Ostoja Seminar Room. Usually, two 20-minute talks are given at each meeting. Afterwards, you are invited for a “Happy Hour”. For more information contact: Dr Katarzyna Jonak and Dr Somayeh Shahmoradi Ghahe.

Schedule of Scientific Fridays