START Scholarship

Dr Anna Detman received prestigious scholarship in the START program organized by the Foundation for Polish Science. Congratulations!

Dr Anna Detman obtained PhD in 2019 at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She received MSc in Biotechnology at the Faculty of Chemistry at Warsaw University of Technology. She completed a few scientific and soft skills courses. Has experience in white biotechnology, highlighting microbiological biofuels production, microbial interaction, and biochemistry of anaerobic digestion. She is a co-author of 14 papers (eight as the first author) published in JCR journals, two book chapters, and over 15 conference proceedings, supervisor of master students. She has cooperated with foreign and domestic research centers and industry. She is a laureate of several awards granted for scientific activities. In her work, she combines engineering, microbiological and biotechnological knowledge to develop innovative and applied science.

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