IBB PAS researchers received funds from National Science Center

We are happy to report the successes of our researchers. Seven employees of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences received grants in the recently announced Sonata 17 and Opus 22 competitions of the National Science Center. The two recently concluded calls attracted 3005 proposals with a total budget of nearly 3.3 billion PLN; out of these, 589 were awarded funding, for an average success rate of 19.6%.

Congratulations to Małgorzata Lichocka, Agnieszka Sirko, Stephen Jennings, Adam Kawałek, Szymon Kubala, Paweł Siedlecki, Michał Wandel!

Projects of our researchers qualified for funding in NCN calls:

Dr Małgorzata Lichocka, Insight into the pollen biology in Arabidopsis thaliana: Functional analysis of annexin 5 (ANN5) in re-organization of translational machinery during pollen development and in response to the environmental stress. OPUS

Prof. Agnieszka Sirko, Role of selective autophagy in activity control of ABA-responsive transcription factors in Arabidopsis. OPUS

Dr Stephen Jennings, King George Island Glacial History (KNIGHT). SONATA

Dr Adam Kawałek, CRISPRi-based screening for Pseudomonas aeruginosa vulnerabilities to antibiotics. SONATA

Dr Szymon Kubala, The role of BRM and SYD ATPases interplay with MINU1 and MINU2 ATPases in organ-specific alternative RNA processing regulation. SONATA

Dr hab. Paweł Siedlecki (project leader Dr hab. Carlo Vascotto), Inhibiting the Mitochondrial Intermembrane Space Assembly pathway as a new approach to prevent metabolic reprogramming of therapy-resistant leukemia stem-cells. OPUS

Dr Michał Wandel, Immunity signalling platforms on intracellular bacteria. SONATA