Dr. Katarzyna Jonak laureate of EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship

Our colleague, Dr. Katarzyna Jonak has been awarded the prestigious EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowship! EMBO Postdoctoral Fellowships support excellent postdoctoral researchers to conduct their research for a period of two years. Within the project, Katarzyna will study how ribosome heterogeneity contributes to the regulation of protein synthesis and affects health- and lifespan in aged organisms. Her interdisciplinary project will combine the computational work with the experimental studies in yeast S. cerevisiae and worm C. elegans. The project will be implemented in the laboratory of Molecular Basis of Aging and Rejuvenation headed by Dr. hab. Ulrike Topf. Congratulations!

More information about EMBO Postdoctoral fellowships can be found here: