National Centre of Science – 5 grants awarded

We are happy to announce the successes of our scientists. Employees of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS received 5 grants in competitions of the National Science Centre OPUS 24, SONATA 18, PRELUDIUM BIS 4.

In the OPUS 24 and SONATA 18 competitions, 3015 applications were submitted, of which 363 were selected for funding. In the fourth edition of PRELUDIUM BIS 248 applications were submitted and 58 of them were qualified for financing. The success rate of IBB PAN is 25%.

Congratulations to Wojciech Bala, Anna Detman, Marta Grech-Baran, Katarzyna Jonak and Igor Żukow!

Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Bal Small Copper Carrier (SCC)
Elusive key species in copper homeostasis. Analytical and kinetic study. PRELUDIUM BIS 4

Dr Anna Detman (PI dr Aleksandra Chojnacka, Warsaw University of Life Sciences)
Fertilizer application of the final digestate after two-stage anaerobic decomposition of molasses to biohydrogen and biomethane – analysis of the effects on soil chemical properties, soil microbiome dynamics, and wheat growth indicators. SONATA

Dr Katarzyna Jonak
Investigation of cellular responses to ribosomal protein oxidation during ageing. SONATA

Dr Marta Grech-Baran
Mitigation of climate change effect on crop plants’ immunity by engineering the thermostability of plant immune receptors. OPUS

Dr Igor Żukow (PI dr Natalia Karska, Gdansk University)
Identification of key structural elements of immunomodulatory proteins – inhibitors of antigenic peptide transporter TAP encoded by selected alphaherpesviruses. SONATA