PASIFIC Fellowship at IBB

We are pleased to inform that Dr. Abdel Aziz Gad received a grant in the first Call of the PASIFIC Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme announced by the Polish Academy of Sciences. The awarded project “Heterologous production of L-gulono lactone oxidase fused with human elastin like-polypeptide” (Acronym: HELP-GULO) will be conducted in the Laboratory of Plant Protein Homeostasis headed by Prof. Agnieszka Sirko who will act as a scientific advisor. Its main aim is an efficient production of recombinant enzyme L-gulono lactone oxidase (GULO) fused with human elastin like-polypeptides (HELP) in both bacterial cells and transgenic plants, and the verification of its enzymatic activity. In the further perspective, the proposed approach will enable cost-effective production of the matrix providing the missing enzymatic activity in human tissues that could be topically applied to the wounded skin.