EMBO grants

We are pleased to announce that Dr. hab. Agata Starosta and Dr. Michał Wandel received grants from European Molecular Biology Organization – the so-called Small EMBO Grant. Dr hab. Agata Starosta and Dr. Michał Wandel are grantees of the EMBO Installation Grant (IG), which aims to support young group leaders in setting up their first independent laboratory. The Small Grant is awarded to holders of the EMBO IG and EMBO YIP on a competitive basis. The purpose of the Small Grant is to support ongoing research, gives the possibility to purchase additional laboratory equipment or prepare preliminary data.

We would like to encourage young group leaders to apply for the EMBO Installation Grant https://www.embo.org/funding/fellowships-grants-and-career-support/installation-grants/

IG offers 50,000 Euro a year for the duration of 3 to 5 years. In addition, the PI and their group have the opportunity to participate in training, workshops, conferences or meetings with other groups of the PIs of the EMBO IG or EMBO YIP programs.