Dr Katarzyna Tołkacz laureate of the 6th edition of the SONATINA!

We are pleased to announce that Dr Katarzyna Tołkacz received grant from National Science Center. The winners of the 6th edition of the SONATINA call for proposals address research problems that are crucial for modern science, e.g. in agriculture or ecology.

Dr Katarzyna Tołkacz analyses an influence of climate change on the distribution of external parasites (e.g. ticks and fleas) and blood parasites they carry, using three species of penguins: Adelie penguins, gentoo penguins, and chinstrap penguins – all of which inhabit the South Shetland Islands. Parasite expansion in West Antarctica may impact the health and population of the unique Antarctic fauna.


More: https://ncn.gov.pl/en


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