Members of the Laboratory of Plant Pathogenesis of IBB PAS have been doubly honored by the Cell Molecular Biology Committee of the PAS

The publication of Marta Grech-Baran et al., entitled “The Rysto immune receptor recognizes a broadly conserved feature of potyviral coat proteins“, which had been issued in New Phytologist was awarded the Prof Kazimierz Bassalik prize for the best Polish microbiology paper published in 2022.
This article describes the molecular mechanism leading to a recognition of various plant viruses, belonging to the Potyviridae family, by the cytoplasmic Rysto receptor. Detection of the viral coat protein triggers defense processes underlying the phenomenon of resistance to microbial infections. Potyviruses constitute the largest group of RNA viruses, attacking both monocotyledons and dicotyledons plants, including many commercial species. The results presented in the article illustrate a possibility of applying the discoveries of the basic science into practice.

In addition, Prof. Jacek Hennig was awarded the Leon Marchlewski Medal for his contribution to the research on plant resistance mechanisms induced in response to pathogen infection. His studies involved both the perception of microorganisms’ presence and activation of the signaling pathways, that relay information about the infection and execute defense responses. The results of his research have been published in the prestigious periodicals such as Cell, PNAS, Plant Cell, New Phytologist, Plant Journal, etc. and cited many times. Majority of Prof. Jacek Hennig’s alumni are still involved in science, and three of them have established their own research groups both in Poland and abroad.

Congratulations to the entire Team!